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Bruce Garrison

Bruce Garrison grew up in Indianapolis, IN. He attended Evangel University in Springfield, MO where he received a B.A. degree in Biblical Studies and Philosophy.


After college, Bruce started the nonprofit organization, Timeless Impact International. He moved to England in 1986 and lived there as president and CEO of the organization for the next 21 years. Timeless Impact was heavily involved in publishing a magazine, “Timeless,” that contained excerpts from Christian writings from various times in history, different geographical locations, and a variety of denominations and traditions within the Christian faith. Bruce served as Editor in Chief throughout the magazine’s nineteen-year existence. The magazine was ultimately published in 16 languages and circulated in over 70 countries.


In addition to the publishing, Timeless Impact participated in famine relief in Central Africa, cyclone relief in Burma (Myanmar), educational projects in Asia and Africa, and clean water projects in Africa and Southeast Asia. They were also involved in numerous programs for orphans in eastern Europe, Africa, and India. Bruce’s work took him to over 45 countries.


Bruce currently serves as Outreach Pastor at The Dwelling Place, a unique church in the Indianapolis area that combines aspects of the Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox traditions. He oversees all outreach projects.


Bruce also works with several other nonprofit organization:

  • Center for Interfaith Cooperation — Bruce is Vice-Chair of the Board, and Chair of the Programming Committee

  • Helpings of Hope — Bruce is President and Chair of the Board for this organization that works in community gardens, nutrition education, and hunger issues.

  • Congo-American Bridge — Bruce is President and Chair of the Board for this organization

Bruce believes celebrating diversity, along with encouraging and developing intercultural and interfaith activity, is the way to create a stronger and safer society. He strongly holds to the reality that any community is better working together to emphasize similarities rather than focusing on the things that could divide us.


Bruce has over 35 years of experience in the nonprofit world, working in both local and global contexts. He is married to his wife Debbie. They have three children: Josiah, Chelsea, and Bethany. They love hiking and spending time in nature.

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