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Jamaican - Indian - American

be a part of something new and bold.

The Living-in-the-Hyphen Project bravely explores what is is like to navigate cultural and spiritual identity.

This is a creative space for individual reflection and discovery. At the same time, this is a connection space committed to building a community.

Our vision is set on harnessing the creative power of you We want to connect you with other Hypheners and unleash your potential into the community and world.

Who is a Hyphener?

A Hyphener might be someone who:

  • has familial influences from different clutral and/or religious backgrounds 

  • is a first or second generation American

  • identifies with multiple cultural and/or religious traditions whether in customs, language, or community

  • was born to American citizen parents and has spent significant formative years or extended years in another country

Become a Collaborator!
Come to the Variety Show!

The Living-in-the-Hyphen Project's debut event will happen on Saturday, November 14th. Witness a variety of performances, comedy, and art! Apply to be e a part of it!

Submit your original work to the Gallery!




Latest Stories

 I was both an immigrant's kid and one of mixed ethnicities…and one of color. I was simply so busy trying to navigate my life that I was never able to process my unique situation.

Dija Henry, Creative Director of the "Living-in-the-Hyphen" Project

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