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Bravely explore cultural and spiritual identity.

Not Home. Not Work. Your In-Between.

Beautiful Paradox

The Beautiful Paradox Program bravely explores what it is like to embrace intersectional identities. 

Beautiful Paradox debuted at the 2020 Spirit & Place Festival on November 13th, 2020 with a virtual Variety Show! Check out our event page to learn more and be a part of the conversation!

Third Place

A series of healing dialogues at your cozy neighborhood coffee shop! Third Place engages community members with one another in a cool space to discuss hot topics. 

Welcome to America

Purpose: To extend a welcoming hand and to come alongside our new American neighbors in the Great(er) City of Indianapolis!


No matter your journey. You are here. We Welcome you Neighbor.

Welcoming new Hoosiers to Indiana!

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