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Al Herz

“My goal is to understand and respect each other culture by utilizing cultural activities to reduce any misunderstandings, make it less overwhelmed, and easy to communicate with others.”

I have a diverse collection of work experiences, and certificates earned both in the United States and abroad. In Saudi Arabia, I worked in health and diet management, under the supervision of medical directors and doctors in different hospitals and became a registered dietitian. However, my ambition went further when I decided to join an overseas scholarship journey to earn my Masters in the United States at Ball State University. I worked in several different capacities in the United States. I also serve as a graduate assistant at the International Programs, which has increased my skills in working with different cultures and planning and coordinating events.

I am currently earning my EdD in Science Education - NREM from Ball State University, and working at Christel House DORS as Immigrant Outreach Coordinator, helping students with every single aspect from inside the classroom to outside the school. Studying in different departments (Nutrition, Gerontology, Natural Resource, and Environmental Management, which is under the umbrella of Science Education) taught me to take multiple perspectives and use critical thinking. Having a new experience with every single step while working on my dissertation is a great thing. It is keeping me motivated and patient at the same time.


Currently, I am working on my thesis “Understanding Factors Related to Food Waste in the Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC). A Qualitative Study in Lebanon, IN”, and I was the second author on the dissertation “understand the capabilities of improvement among Syrian refugees that were exposed to trauma in Indiana” with counselor department, which taught me about mental health issues, how others believe in it, and how to deal with them.


Also, I gained valuable skills in building surveys, moderate interviews, and facilitate focus groups through my coursework and researchers. Through my internship at Second Food Harvest Bank, I gained skills in teaching by using different methods, creating educational materials, and using creative activities. I also like to educate and keep in touch with people who as no access to school to teach them in a non-traditional setting.

Finally, as you can see, I have had a wide variety of educational, work, and research experiences, which make me an excellent communicator, handle problem-solving and work as a team. I am naturally at ease working with people, and always love to lend a hand. And when it comes to supporting Immigrants/refugees, I feel that this is my calling by utilizing assistant. Immigrants/refugees need to know the American culture to reduce any conflicts and to gain more respect.  I love to cook, walk, and read.

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