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Dr. Huda Al Herz

Dr. Huda Al Herz

Program Officer, Sponsorship Program

Huda has diverse work experience and certificates earned in the United States and abroad.

She joined an overseas scholarship to earn her Master's in the United States at Ball State University. She also worked in several capacities in the United States as an immigrant/international student interpreter, recourse provider, and educator.

Studying in different departments (Nutrition, Gerontology, Natural Resources, and Environmental Management, under the umbrella of Science Education) taught her to take multiple perspectives and use critical thinking. Huda worked on research projects such as "Understand the capabilities of improvement among Syrian refugees exposed to trauma in Indiana." From projects such as these, she became adept at communicating with people from various backgrounds, identifying trauma symptoms, and combating societal stigma towards mental health care.

Also, understanding the populations' cultural beliefs and mental health stigma.

While Huda was achieving her EdD in Science Education from Ball State University, she worked as a graduate assistant at the international office, where she created many events to break the ice and learn about diverse cultures. At the same time, her skills were shaped and increased when she understood different cultures, faiths, and religions. Huda moved to Indy to work with the Christel House DORS as an Immigrant Outreach Coordinator while she worked on her dissertation. At the DORS, she provided immigrants with the resources they needed to make them have a better life, and she helped them in the classroom. Huda also joined The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) under the Marion County Health Department program as a Nutritionist, where she focused not just on a healthy lifestyle but also provided information, cultural lessons, and referrals to her clients to let them have equal access to the resources. Currently, Dr. Al Herz is the Program Officer Sponsorship Program at Patchwork Indy, where she has a tremendous chance to apply all the experience that she gained with immigrants and implement them in one place.

Finally, with over 15 years of experience, Dr. Al Herz had a wide variety of work and research experiences with immigrants, refugees, and international students, which indicates how passionate working with such a population is. She always guaranteed that the work environment would include equity, respect, and inclusion with cultural sensitivity.

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