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We acknowledge the many voices already present.

Expanding Perspective

At Patchwork we are connectors. In order to genuinely connect, we must first seek to understand. 

As we do, our barriers begin to fade away and we realize the sameness that lies underneath the seeming differences. When we begin to see and to feel where a person is coming from, the differences seem less divisive.

Check out the ways we are at work expanding our perspective.

How do we build understanding?


We believe in the power of storytelling to transcend boundaries and cultivate empathy. Our community is ripe with stories to be shared that showcase the rich fabric of humanity present.


Are you looking to share your story? With who!? Let us connect you with the outlet you need to have your unique voice heard.

Conversations, especially the tough ones, bring deeper understanding.


We recognize civil conversation as vital to establishing a world where peace and compassion flourish. How can we hold space in a place of mutual respect where it is safe to disagree, speak from the heart, and listen to understand?

Learn more about our Third Place Program!


Reintroducing the art of Civil Conversation

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