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Feroz Syed

Board Member

About Feroz

Feroz Syed – CEO and co-owner of RADcube- migrated from India, becoming a technology executive and senior level collaborator providing strategic insight and operational management. Feroz has a history of successfully aligning information technology with business goals while controlling costs and risks; global experience managing large teams of professionals providing the vision and leadership necessary to deliver transformative technology solutions. A visionary that is able to see future technological directions and implement them successfully, he serves as advisory board member for multiple organization such as Innovation Digi and Indy Big Data. Passionate about giving back to the community, running two non-profit organizations CricIndy which focuses on connecting community while celebrating diversity, and Added Help , a non-profit organization that focuses on providing support for child education.

RADCube is a technology consulting company helping clients in their Digital Transformation. Our focus is on Bigdata and analytics, intelligent applications development, enterprise integrations, and project implementation solutions. We utilize state-of-the-art tools, technologies and subject matter expertise to create breakthrough business impacts by targeting innovation opportunities and by managing change effectively. We provide industry-specific technology services in Healthcare and Life Sciences, Insurance, Banking, Construction, Manufacturing, Government, Finance, Transportation and Logistics. We emphasize rapid innovation with a targeted approach, robust project management processes, a global presence for development and delivery and a keen focus on user experience.

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