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Najia Sherzad

Board Member

About Najia

Najia Sherzad is a leader in the Afghan community and a woman with many talents. A business executive, Najia has vast experience In business and finance from Afghanistan and her current role as Finance Manager in Marion County Treasurer’s Office. Back in Afghanistan she worked for different international organizations and also in the government sector where she helped and supported the Afghan government and the U.S. mission in Afghanistan in re-building her homeland. She speaks five languages and is very interested in becoming an author,

Najia has received her Bachelors Degree in business from Delhi, India, her MBA from Dunya University in Kabul and a second MBA from Kelley School of Business at IUPUI here in Indianapolis. Najia exercises her brilliant leadership by bringing the members of the Afghan Community and its Community Center to the next level with her extensive networking with many related organizations in Indianapolis area.

She is the founder of Afghan American Community Center Inc. (AACC Inc.), a first of its kind in Indiana — a non-profit organization aiming to serve and uplift the Afghan community. Before starting AACC, Najia was a volunteer for the Afghan Community here. She was also a Building Representative at Camp Atterbury where she stayed with her family for three months before they were resettled in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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