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Stephan Chery

Board Member

About Stephan

As one of the newest member of the Patchwork Indy Board of Directors, Stephan Chery brings a wealth of experience and strategic insight to the team. Holding the current position of HR Talent Business Partner at GEICO in Carmel, Indiana since 2022, Stephan is a proven advisor in talent management, adept at aligning strategies with business objectives in large-scale organizations. His track record includes a significant increase in high-potential employees and a marked improvement in employee satisfaction with review processes.

Prior to his current role, Stephan served as Director of Human Resources at GEICO, showcasing his ability to drive employee engagement and success. His leadership led to a substantial increase in employee engagement year-over-year, underscoring his expertise in talent acquisition, employee development, and succession planning.

With a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Marketing from Florida Southern University and certifications like Lean Six Sigma, Green Belt, and Human Resources Information Professional certifications, he exemplifies a commitment to continuous professional development.

Stephan's expertise encompasses strategic business management, talent and human resources management, leadership and interpersonal skills, process and operational excellence, and analytical and problem-solving abilities. His experience in large-scale division transformation, stakeholder management, and employee relations positions him as a valuable asset to Patchwork Indy. Stephan's leadership qualities, backed by his proficiency in HR policies and systems, are poised to contribute significantly to the board's strategic initiatives and community-focused missions.

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