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What We Do

Patchwork Indy is a non-profit organization based in Indianapolis, renowned for its multifaceted community initiatives. Our art programs foster creative expression, nurturing talent from all walks of life and providing accessible artistic experiences to underserved communities. Through educational outreach, we seek to empower the Indianapolis community to create a brighter future. Our housing advocacy efforts focus on advocating for fair housing policies while striving to create a more inclusive and equitable living environment.


Our education initiatives range from cultural competence to housing rights workshops. We believe education is the key to empowerment, and empowerment is the key to creating a brighter future.



We believe that art is one of the best ways to promote expression, community, and cultural understanding. It provides an outlet for emotional expression and civil discourse. That is why we are committed to cooperating with our community partners to give Indianapolis access to art from around the world.


Housing Advocacy

Patchwork Indy advocates for affordable housing, offering support, resources, and initiatives to address housing insecurity and promote sustainable community development. We coordinate with numerous organizations across Indianapolis to ensure tenants are protected from predatory practices, whether through working with landlords or through the justice system.

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