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Koffi Koevi

Koffi Koevi


Koffi Koevi is originally from Togo, in West Africa. He came to the USA in 2018. Prior to moving to the USA, Koffi was studying Cultural Anthropology and Investigation at the University of Lome in Togo. He received an Associate Degree in Applied Science of Cybersecurity here in Indianapolis. Koffi is also the cofounder of the African clothing line, OPASHIONSTYLE and OPA. In addition, he acts as manager for African artists.

Koffi uses his linguistic skills to be of value to different members of the African community in Indianapolis, as well as being an advocate for many individuals from different ethnic groups and countries in West Africa. He is also partnering with individuals in Togo to develop awareness and warning systems in regard to potential genocide in Somalia, Chad, and Niger. Koffi brings youth and creativity to the Patchwork Indy board.

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