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Mobilizing Hoosier Hospitality for Refugees

Updated: May 9

In just one month of rallying our communities across Indiana to join the Welcome Corps initiative, we've been astounded by the outpouring of support from leaders and everyday people eager to lend a helping hand to refugees. This tremendous response aligns perfectly with the nationwide momentum, as evidenced by the recent Niskanen Center report highlighting that over 65,000 Americans have signed up to sponsor refugees since the Welcome Corps expansion.

A National Movement

The Niskanen Center article showcases the powerful wave of goodwill sweeping the nation. With over 65,000 Americans stepping up to sponsor refugees in the first three months of the Welcome Corps expansion, it's clear that this program resonates with people from coast to coast. The program empowers individuals and communities to play a more direct role in supporting new arrivals.

The Heart of Indiana

Here in Indiana, we've found an astonishing amount of will among leaders and residents who want to help their refugee neighbors, friends, and families. This eagerness to make a positive impact is evident in every corner of the state, from Indianapolis to Fort Wayne. In collaboration with local organizations and faith communities, our team has mobilized support across the state, creating a network of individuals committed to extending a warm Hoosier welcome.

Local Heroes: Everyday People Making a Difference

What's particularly inspiring is that the people stepping up aren't just organizations and community leaders but everyday citizens. Families, retirees, students, and professionals are all coming forward, embodying the Hoosier spirit of hospitality. Their dedication demonstrates that we recognize the value refugees bring to our communities in Indiana.

Congolese refugees living in Indianapolis in a 1-on-1 session with the Patchwork Indy team to learn how they can help other Congolese refugees still looking for a new home.

Join Us in Making a Difference

The nationwide data and our local experience reveal a simple truth: Americans, particularly Hoosiers, deeply desire to make a difference. 

Our team members, André and Huda, giving a Welcome Corps presentation in Spanish, Arabic, and English to a mixed crowd of Latin American and Arabic-speaking audience.

Whether it's sponsoring refugees directly or volunteering with local organizations, everyone can play a role in this impactful movement.

Patchwork Indy's team of staff and volunteers regular hosts resource fairs to connect migrant and refugee communities with crucial health, education, and employment resources.

Are you interested in joining this effort? Contact our team to learn more about how you can make a difference in the lives of our refugee neighbors!

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