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Staff Spotlight: Ally Ntumba

Ally Ntumba is the Director of Strategic Partnerships at Patchwork Indy and a life-long advocate for human-rights.


He was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) but had to leave in the early 2010s after receiving death threats in retaliation for his journalistic work uncovering widespread fraud by the Kabila administration.


 Before fleeing his home country to Kenya as an asylum seeker, Ally worked as a freelance journalist for Radio Television Group Avenir (RTGA) and local newspapers, did consulting for humanitarian organizations such as Care International, Mercy Corps, and Oxfam, and led as Executie Director of Ligue des Jeunes des Grands Lacs, a youth organization based in Goma, DRC, that worked towards fostering peace in the Great Lakes region of Africa.

Since being resettled in Indianapolis, Ally has:

  • Worked as an Employement Specialist and Case Manager for Exodus Refugee Immigration Inc., where he directly managed refugee resettlement cases for over five years.

  • Joined the UNHCR's Refugee Congress as the delegate for Indiana.

  • Participated in multiple international refugee policy forums, including:

    • Global Refugee Forum, Geneva, 2023

    • International Summit on Private Sponsorship, Lisbon, 2023

    • Working Group on Resettlement, Australia and New Zealand, 2024


Ally fled to Kenya as an asylum seeker before being resettled in Indianapolis. Having endured displacement himself, Ally is dedicated to serving refugees and forcibly displaced peoples worldwide through his role at Patchwork Indy. 

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