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Volunteer Impact: Ben Tapper, Vrinda Sunil, and Gabriela Cabello on planning "Beautiful Paradox"

On November 13th, 2020 we will invite the community into a conversation on embracing inter sectional identities.

Our Beautiful Paradox program will debut at central Indiana’s Spirit & Place Festival as one of 50 selected events city-wide. The medium: a virtual Variety show. Check out our event page to see the line-up of local creatives and to support our creative collaborators’ incredible work.

Patchwork volunteers Gabriela Cabello (Board Member), Ben Tapper (Board Member), and Vrinda Sunil have played an integral part in our acceptance into the festival. They are sharing their creative genius and unique perspectives to shape what we hope to be a deeply meaningful event.

We asked Gabriela, Ben, and Vrinda what excites and/or motivates them to be a part of planning the Beautiful Paradox Variety Show for Spirit & Place…

Ben: "We have an opportunity to show people the variety of culture and experience that is represented in Indianapolis in a way they don't normally experience. It's the chance to do something unique that also serves those of us who embody the concept of beautiful paradox that is so exciting."

Vrinda: "This will give me an opportunity to meet and work with people from various backgrounds, including cultural and spiritual."

Gabriela: "I’m driven by the opportunity to provide a platform for multicultural voices as well as bring together talented artists and storytellers from Indiana and beyond. Planning “Beautiful Paradox” and getting to know my fellow collaborators throughout the process has been a joy and I hope it’s the first of many events that support Patchwork’s mission of weaving a social fabric of diverse and creative people in our city."

The intention of Beautiful Paradox is to dive deeply into the different components of our cultural and spiritual identity – to feel the parts that seemingly contradict but nonetheless combine to form who we are. How do we navigate such waters on a personal level? On a collective societal plane?

Gabriela shares her thoughts: "On an individual level, I think this event will encourage attendees to contemplate and share their own unique story. On a community level, I hope this event will foster a desire to experience Indianapolis’ diverse communities and consider one’s own impact on this city. As someone who values learning from as well as celebrating with those from different backgrounds than my own, I look forward to hearing insightful stories and enjoying the diverse art forms that our collaborators will be bringing to this event!"

Vrinda, who will take the stage on November 13th to express her own story through traditional Indian dance says: "Beautiful Paradox is an amazing opportunity for the local Indy community to learn of various cultures, nationalities, and art forms - all in one place." (Vrinda is the founder of the Natyalaya School of Arts!)

Ben contemplates what the Beautiful Paradox might bring to the Indy community (and beyond!):

"If we can really hold space for those that are navigating multiple identities, then we can create a more gracious and just society. And in this day and age, its either move towards grace and justice or fall into despair and destruction. And we've had enough of the latter. "

We hope to see you on November 13th. Until then, follow us on social media and our website as we build toward Beautiful Paradox.

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